You’ve been SLIMED!

You’ve been SLIMED!

How to get the best out of Scholl Concepts SLIME tyre gel…

The blurb: “Scholl Concepts SLIME Tyre Dressing Gel is a premium high gloss rubber protection gel with outstanding durability. A viscous premium gloss care for tyres and rubber parts, SLIME is characterised by its remarkable shine and consistent brilliance. Tyres stay black with a rich, high gloss for weeks.”

Slime 1LRI had been waiting a while for the chance to try SLIME. It promises great looks, with good durability, here is how I apply it:

Slime 2LROne of things often overlooked is preparing the tyres first.

If previous dressings have been applied, it is always worth thoroughly cleaning and stripping back the tyres with a suitable cleaner (such as Scholl Concepts SPAM) during the wash stage to help promote bonding. 

A good bit of agitation here with a brush will help to remove the previous dressings. The goal is to achieve clean rubber that will accept the dressing.

Also, when it comes to drying the car, use an old microfibre on the tyres. It will help to remove any more gunk and grime and leave the tyre dry.Slime 3LR

With the tyre clean and dry, the application is pretty straightforward.Slime 4LR


Using a Scholl Concepts Black Hand Puck or something similar, apply a couple of drops of the gel then massage it into the tyre, paying plenty of attention to getting an even coverage.

Slime 5LR

Do not worry if the dressing looks a little satin here, just concentrate on coverage. 

Once applied, over the next 15-20 minutes you will see that the gloss noticeably increases to a lovely dark, wet look sheen.

Slime 6LR

It gets a thumbs up from me! 

About the Author:

Roy Kunz is a professional detailer who has been detailing cars professionally since 2004 and carrying out high end valeting, detailing, Concours preparation and paint correction services nationwide. Roy has looked after some of the world’s finest cars, including the Horsepower Racing collection of prestige and iconic sports cars. rare Ferraris and Porsches, valuable private collections and has attained many Concours D’ Elegance victories.