Polishes & Compounds

Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL
A single stage, high performance cutting compound that can remove serious defects in seconds and finish to an incredible high gloss.

Scholl Concepts S20 Blue
A universal, medium cut compound designed to remove imperfections on all paint types and freshly painted plastic parts, finishing to a high gloss.

Scholl Concepts S17+
A fast, easy, one-step compound for scratched, freshly painted or badly weathered paint that leaves a deep, long-lasting shine.

Scholl Concepts A15+
A single-step, all-purpose polish with medium cut that polishes up to a brilliant shine and leaves a durable wax protection.

Scholl Concepts S20, S22, S26, S29
OEM application compounds developed with the paint industry and OEM customers, capable of tackling the most challenging modern clear coats.

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