SP Abrasive user videos

SP Abrasive user videos

At Safe Products we want to make sure you get the most from the products we provide. One of our most popular and effective ranges are our exclusive SP Abrasive Foam Pads. We find that once a bodyshop get their hands on one of the SPs, they never go back. Why? Simply because they are fast, cost-effective and really easy to use. To help you understand you why the SP Abrasive Foam Pads are so good, we’ve produced two videos showing them in action.

In this first video you can see just how easily our SP2000 Abrasive Foam Blending Pad works across a primered panel and a repaired door. No great effort and definitely no mess. It’s a simple and time-saving solution.

Our next video shows our SP600 Abrasive Foam Sanding Pad working its magic on old and original paintwork and primer. It’s an exceptionally versatile abrasive pad and is also fast and incredibly easy to use.


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