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SP2000 Abrasive Foam Blending Pad
See just how easily our SP2000 Abrasive Foam Blending Pad works across a primered panel and a repaired door. No great effort and definitely no mess. It’s simple and time-saving.
SP600 Abrasive Foam Sanding Pad
Watch the SP600 Abrasive Foam Sanding Pad working its magic on old and original paintwork and primer. It’s an exceptionally versatile abrasive pad and is also fast and incredibly easy to use.

Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL with Spider Sandwich Pad
Discover how to polish up freshly painted parts quickly, with virtually no dust or residue, and in a single step with Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL and the unique Spider Sandwich Pad.
Scholl Concepts S20 Black Compound and Pad System
We reveal how you can remove light to heavy defects and polish up to the very highest gloss finish on all paint types using just one high performance compound.

Scholl Concepts Waxes and Sealants
Once you’ve polished your vehicle it’s time to protect it so the shine lasts as long as possible. There’s no better way to do this than with Scholl Concepts’ range of waxes and sealants.
Scholl Concepts Polishing Compounds
Scholl Concepts has two compound ranges covering a variety of needs. We reveal the differences between the two and help you make an informed choice.

Scholl Concepts Pads and Compounds
The correct pad and compound is essential to get the best results. Here at Scholl Concepts UK we provide an insight into Scholl Concepts Pads, Pad Materials, Pad Structure and Shape.
Mobile Valeting Tips
Check out this insight into the world of mobile valeting with Rob Carson of Wax on Wax off, using some of Scholl Concepts top detailing products.

Scholl Concepts Hard Waxes
Here we explain how to choose the right Hard Waxes. With products to suit different types of paint work, car styles and finishes you are sure to get your vehicle looking at its best.
Go Detail – Pro Tips
Scholl Concepts UK and Auto Wax Works share insider tips and advice on car detailing at the highest level and reveal how you can obtain the best results with Scholl Concepts’ products.