S2 Black Limited Edition Kit unboxing and first impressions

It is always exciting to receive a package from Scholl Concepts through the post, especially when it’s a new product aimed at detailers.  First impressions of the kit are encouraging, I have high expectations for its contents, the professional feel right from the off hinting towards the goodness inside.


So what’s inside? First up there is the S2 Black in 500g size. I’ve been very impressed by the newer bottles with their push / pull anti clog nozzle. This size is also ideal: I’ve personally always found the 1kg bottles a little awkward, so this is a win for me. There will be no need to transfer its contents to another smaller bottle in this instance. The liquid is white in colour, low odour, and feels smooth between the fingers.



Now the Ninja pads: The red spider cutting pad gets my attention first. Its measurements are 125mm flaring to 140mm at the face and 25mm deep. The design is very interesting with cut-outs at the edge. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of the wavy Audi brake discs found on some of their fastest models: This was for weight reduction and heat dissipation.  To see this idea on a polishing pad is very interesting. It also has the spider cut design that is unique to Scholl Concepts. The pad is softer than I was expecting which is another plus for me as it should be good for following contours and have good compliance.


The blue finishing pad is of a similar feel too. Both pads have a very nice flare, widening from the backing Velcro to the face – a design the has been very popular with detailers for many years. They match up perfectly with the choice of DA polishing machines that I currently use and I’m hoping these will be followed up with a few different sizes, particularly an 80mm version for polishing more intricate areas.


Lastly is the white microfibre, edgeless in design and somewhere around 350gsm. In my opinion it has different types of pile on each of the two sides. I believe the shorter looped side will suit polish removal where a bit more bite can be advantageous. The nice plusher side will suit sensitive finishes and removal of liquids like quick detailers and spray waxes.

I have managed a few polishing tests and will reveal the results in my next installment.



About the Author:

Roy Kunz is a professional detailer who has been detailing cars professionally since 2004 and carrying out high end valeting, detailing, Concours preparation and paint correction services nationwide. Roy has looked after some of the world’s finest cars, including the Horsepower Racing collection of prestige and iconic sports cars. rare Ferraris and Porsches, valuable private collections and has attained many Concours D’ Elegance victories.