Adhesive Tapes

Our MD’s background in the self-adhesive tape industry and indepth product knowledge has enabled us to offer a carefully-chosen range of technical tapes that offer exceptional performance at realistic prices. We stock masking, fine line, cloth and protection tapes. Other speciality and general purpose application tapes are available on request.

Protection Tape

A low-tack foam protection tape which provides high performance protection on glass, varnished wood, plastics, ceramics, etc.  Easy to apply, leaves no residue, clean and aesthetic protection.  Economical – saves time and materials (no need for several products – adhesive and protective tapes, bubble films, foams, etc). Foam thickness adapted to application. Non-toxic.

Masking Tapes

Designed for superior performance in a variety of applications, such as paint masking, holding, light-duty, splicing, bundling, packaging, etc. Performance Grade products available for the most demanding industrial, painting and transportation industry applications.

Fine Line Tapes

A range of specialised fine line tapes that provide excellent conformability on a variety of surface types and details.

Cloth Tapes

Single-sided cloth tapes that give good adhesion on irregular surfaces and high performance on a multitude of surface types, available in numerous colourways.