The XXL effect

The XXL effect

There are times when you just have to call in the big guns! This has always been a very popular demonstration at events and exhibitions, where normally we are polishing up a sanded panel with Scholl Concepts S3 Gold Edition. But how does the new, recently released, S3 Gold XXL version translate in the real world with real world defects?


I’m going to put it through its paces on a roughed-up Vauxhall Corsa. Whilst we won’t dwell on quite what the owner did or how? Can we fix it?

S3_2-LRTools in use today:

Scholl Concepts S3 GOLD Edition XXL
Scholl Concepts Purple Pad medium size
Flex rotary polisher
Pad cleaning tool
Paint thickness gauge
Masking tape
Inspection light



So there is plenty to try and fix; the brief from the client is to restore the gloss. The scouring action of washing with improper tools has made the paint totally flat, completely dulling the colour under a wash of scratches and swirls. It looks almost matt on the sides.






The spread:
So I have applied 4 or 5 small pea-sized drops to the edge of an already primed pad (see last month’s blog for how to prime a pad and why). I prefer to rub it in gently to stop any polish flying off when I start the machine. I then map out the area I’m going to polish; normally about a 2ft square so you are not over-reaching and are comfortable.

Note: You will see I have not gone up to the edge straight away:
1. To stop any polish going into the gaps
2. Once the polish starts to get oily it’s safer to polish the edges of panels




Still cutting:
You will see that the polish is getting lighter in colour. We are still cutting paint aggressively at this point and are well into the polishing cycle.







Now you can see the S3 Gold XXL has gone very oily. A couple of finger swipes proves this! This is when to stop – as the abrasives have been fully worked and the cut has dropped off. S3 Gold XXL’s oily nature is great, as it wipes off relatively-easily without marring the finish.






The result:
It took two attempts to get this result with about five minutes’ working time. As you can see, 90-95% of the defects have been eliminated bringing back all of the beauty of the paint.







The forced lighting on the 50/50 clearly shows the dramatic transformation Scholl Concepts S3 Gold XXL can achieve.

Long gone are the days of multiple steps and haze after compounding. In fact, to finish the car we refined the paint with the great Scholl Concepts S30+/Orange Pad combination, completing the whole car in just under a day.

About the Author:

Roy Kunz is a professional detailer who has been detailing cars professionally since 2004 and carrying out high end valeting, detailing, Concours preparation and paint correction services nationwide. Roy has looked after some of the world’s finest cars, including the Horsepower Racing collection of prestige and iconic sports cars. rare Ferraris and Porsches, valuable private collections and has attained many Concours D’ Elegance victories.