Rim-7 is even better than before

Rim-7 is even better than before

Best-selling Rim-7 is now even better! As a result of customer feedback, its viscosity has been optimised for 2013 to reduce the thickness whilst retaining all the benefits. Customers still profit from its pH neutral formula, multi-surface suitability, intelligent colour change, pleasant fresh fragrance and non-drip high-viscosity application. The new formula is available is available in 5L for garage and fleet users as part of Scholl Concepts’ valeting range, in addition to a 500ml trigger spray for less frequent users.

Amanda Stevenson

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Amanda Stevenson is General Manager of Safe Products with particular responsibility for sales support, marketing and PR. A former editor, journalist and events director for 15 years in the specialist consumer magazine market, Amanda has a broad range of skills, experience and technical knowledge. She is also responsible for the company’s consumer, e-commerce websites: www.spautopia.co.uk, www.spautopia-home.co.uk and www.spautopia-marine.co.uk.

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