It’s show time!

It’s show time!

With Waxstock 2015 – the UK’s premier car care show for amateurs ands pros – just around the corner, professional detailer and Scholl Concepts demonstrator Roy Kunz of Ultimate Shine Autos shares his tips for those getting ready to ‘arrive and shine’.


5_Classics winPreparing a car for a show can be stressful but these little tips have kept me sane over the years and bagged quite a few trophies en route.

For me it’s all in the preparation; a clean and protected car will always be easier to get ready on the show field.

1. DO YOUR PREP:1_polishing (4)

It’s best to go with the car already buffed (we recommend Scholl Concepts of course!) and looking its best before you leave. If you’re showing the engine, now is the time to clean that hard-to-reach bit of gunk from the back  of the engine bay. Also, if you’re showing your car indoors at shows like Waxstock, it’s worth bearing in mind that the lighting in these venues is often harsh. A light swirl can suddenly look like a full-blown scratch under this kind of lighting, so get your paint spot-on.


2_Waxstock prepThis stage can be invaluable.  Spend a little time working out where the venue is, how the car is going to get there and plan for the worst. What happens if it rains? Research into little things, like ‘is there a jet wash nearby?’ can make all the difference.

Getting the car to the venue clean can really help. We washed the cars for the inaugural Waxstock just around the corner at a company called Paintshield – resulting in only a four-mile drive to the venue and clean cars when we arrived.

3. ON THE DAY:3_Waxstock prep

Once you’ve arrived and the car is positioned, have a good look around. Hopefully its clean and damage-free. In a perfect world it will just need a quick detail spray wipe-down, but in reality it will probably need more, so start with the interior work your way out. Remember, if the car is only lightly dirty, lots of quick detailer and all those spare towels you brought with you will make all the difference.


Hopefully you won’t find any fresh scratches or new damage but, if you do, can you simply rework the area? Is it really noticeable? If you do decide to have go at a repair, keep within your comfort zone and abilities, so hopefully you don’t make it worse.


schollgroupLRTake all your best detailing stuff plus spare. Without a doubt, someone will ask to borrow your glass cleaner or some towels, etc.

If you’ve got a few spares then help a fellow competitor out. You never know when you might need to borrow something from them yourself!



Be prepared to talk. You will always get questions and comments: “You can do mine next”, “why is what you’re using better than AutoGlym” or suchlike. Plus someone will want to tell you their story of how much they love their car but, hey, that’s what shows are for!


4_Speedster winIf you are looking after a client’s car, especially at higher profile events, sometimes other owners can get upset. It’s fine to use the best engine builder or painter, but a detailer on the show field doesn’t always go down well! Go figure!

Maybe have a spare, non-branded top for such occasions.



Is the glass streak-free? Finger prints around the door handle? And, finally, dress the tyres so they look their best.  We recommend SLIME of course!


If the car’s looking great then it’s time to enjoy the show and maybe not feel too bad for the guy in the dirty black car, trying to wash it in the heat of the sun whilst it’s all drying out. Maybe give him a hand?


Chances are not everything has gone to plan and you’re probably worn out. Remember to drink lots of water and eat so you don’t become a grumpy dehydrated mess – LOL!

About the Author:

Roy Kunz is a professional detailer who has been detailing cars professionally since 2004 and carrying out high end valeting, detailing, Concours preparation and paint correction services nationwide. Roy has looked after some of the world’s finest cars, including the Horsepower Racing collection of prestige and iconic sports cars. rare Ferraris and Porsches, valuable private collections and has attained many Concours D’ Elegance victories.