BUBBLE 6-in-1 Soft Care Pudding is a new launch for 2014 from Scholl Concepts. It has all the hallmarks you’d expect from Scholl. It’s innovative, top quality, high performance and good value for money.

BUBBLE is described as a universal cleaner for almost all sensitive surfaces and ambitious surfaces. It can safely be used to clean vehicle bodywork and paintwork; leather seats; plastic and vinyl; roof, carpets and upholstery and even to wash your foam and wool pads and microfibre cloths. Basically, the Neon-Yellow, citrus-smelling ‘goo’ that is BUBBLE can be used as a substitute for car shampoos, leather care products-13creams, interior and textile cleaners and as a mild detergent and pad washing agent.

BUBBLE is environmentally-friendly, phosphate-free and formaldehyde-free. In fact it’s such a ‘nice’ product, you could even use it to wash your dishes or the floor! You don’t need to use much either. For general purpose cleaning just one or two teaspoons in a bucket of water are all that’s needed. Or only three teaspoons in the drum of your washing machine for one load of laundry (at a maximum wash temperature of 60 degrees C).

BUBBLE 6-in-1 Soft Care Pudding costs £16.60 (inc vat) for 1kg (SC-11061) and is on sale now.

A useful, cost-effective addition to any garage, detailing studio, workshop or home, let us know what uses you find for BUBBLE…

About the Author:

Amanda Stevenson is General Manager of Safe Products with particular responsibility for sales support, marketing and PR. A former editor, journalist and events director for 15 years in the specialist consumer magazine market, Amanda has a broad range of skills, experience and technical knowledge. She is also responsible for the company’s consumer, e-commerce websites: www.spautopia.co.uk, www.spautopia-home.co.uk and www.spautopia-marine.co.uk.