A range of Nyalic® DIY Kits for surface areas up to 28 sq m (300 sq ft) are available for resale for domestic, automotive and marine use. Smartly presented in branded Nyalic® Kit boxes, the kits include complete instructions and everything that you need to achieve professional results. Choose from:

  • Automotive/Wheel Coating Kits
  • Marine Kits
  • Stainless Steel Kits
  • Metal Protectant Kits
  • Salt-Water Corrosion Kits
  • Jewellery Kits

We are interested to hear from prospective retailers who wish to stock Nyalic® Kits, however we are very careful as to whom we choose to represent the brand and its associated products. If you have a path to market and would like to discuss this or any other ideas, please send your business contact details to the email address below or call Amanda Stevenson on 01780 721460.

For UK/EU enquiries please contact:

For International enquiries please contact: